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In order to enable our guides and visitors to visit the show mine as safely as possible, we apply the following measures to protect against Covid19:


1. In advance


  • We reduce the capacity of the participants to allow our visitors a safety distance of 1 meter.

  • We strongly recommend to use the online shop in advance to buy tickets to avoid crowds of visitors and waiting times.


2. At reception of the show mine


  • One-way system - entrance via stairs, exit in the direction of the exhibition mine

  • Possibility of hand disinfection at the entrance and exit of the reception

  • Disposable towels and liquid soap in the toilet facilities

  • Surface disinfectant for periodic disinfection of frequently used surfaces

  • Notice boards for rules of conduct: Distance etc.

  • Helmet disinfection
    Used helmets are placed in a prepared box after the tour and are cleaned and disinfected before being made available again for the next visitors. In addition, the visitor has the opportunity to disinfect the helmet himself if desired.


3. During the tour


  • At the adit entry we again point out the necessary distance - sticker

  • Mine guides wear a Plexiglas face shield during the tour

  • We give our visitors the opportunity to keep their distance. On the one hand, we gather at places in the mine where, according to our possibilities, there is more space available. On the other hand, we repeat interesting facts several times so that all parts of the group can understand us well.


4. Documentation


  • The catalogue of measures is also made available to the interested guest at the reception as well as online at our website.

  • The daily measures are available to the management personnel as a checklist and are signed off daily by the person responsible.

  • Participant list of visitors (online bookers are already known with name and email address), cash payers are registered with name and telephone number. These lists are for the sole purpose of informing visitors should a corona case occur and will be destroyed after 3 weeks.

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